Vegetarian Gyro

Meatless Mondays aren't just for Mondays anymore!

Expand your vegetarian menu with our popular vegetarian seitan gyro, wheat based (not soy based), high in protein, zero cholesterol. It is preservative-free with no chemical additives!

Our Vegetarian Seitan Gyro is delivered pre-cooked and frozen. Keep frozen for up to 12 months or refrigerate unopened for up to 6 weeks. Once opened, serve within 7 days. Simply brown for a minute in skillet. Serve as you would a meat gyro: In pita bread, in a wrap, or as a salad/platter with Tzatzaki sauce. Taft Foodmasters can assist with additional serving suggestions.

Whether you want to expand your vegetarian menu or create a new one, the addition of seasoned seitan will please and appeal to both meat and non-meat eaters alike. Taft's seitan is pre-seasoned for a multitude of ETHNIC recipe uses. It has meat-like texture, meat-like appearance and will please both vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike. This is an under-the-radar product now, but not for long!

Seasoned Seitan Products

  • Taft's Vegetarian Gyro and Seitan RecipesOriginal Seasoned (Gyro & Shawarma) Can be used instead of lamb in your favorite international recipes. Perfect for gyros, moussaka or other Greek delicacy where you'd like a seasoned, plant-based protein.
  • Plain (Lightly Seasoned) Our plain seitan is great for your custom dishes, allowing you to use more of your own seasonings and spcies and less of ours. Try it with Chinese sauces, like sesame, orange or lemon.
  • Sausage Taft's Vegetarian Gyro and Seitan RecipesOur sausage seitan is made by hand with the finest Italian blend of authentic sausage seasoning. Enjoy as you would meat sausage: in casseroles, on pizza, for breakfast, on a hero, Parmesan style, with peppers, onions, your favorite melt or however you'd like!